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ISO9001-2008 Certified
& I.T.A.R Registered

Conventional Equipment

(4) Cincinnati Broaches
Detroit CH-220 Continuous Chain Broach
Prototrack Bridgeport Vertical Mill
Cincinnati # 4-48 Horizontal Milling Machine
Cincinnati # 3 Universal Horizontal Milling Machine
(2) Cincinnati Toolmaster Vertical Milling Machines
Supermax Vertical Mill Bridgeport dovetail type
Wasino Wildcat Engine Lathe
Hydraulic Surface Grinder
HES Model PDM 200 Gundrill
Allen Multispindle Drill Press
American Hole Wizard Radial Drill
Deka Multispindle Drill Speedycut
Leadscrew Tapper
(2) Drilldraulics Horizontal Multispindle Drills
Sunnen Hone and Precision Hole Gage
FMT Belt Type Pass Through Automatic Aqueous Parts Washer
Cincinnati Industrial Machinery Automatic Aqueous Parts Washer

Vertical hydraulic surface-type; 48" travel, 3 ton capacity
Horizontal continuous chain type; 220" stroke, 20 ton capacity
42" Table, 2 axis Prototrack M2 control, quick change toolholder system, variable speed spindle, 2 HP spindle
18" x 67" Table, 48" Travel, 15 HP spindle
16" x 62" Table, Vertical milling attachment
42" Table, 2 HP spindle
42" Table, 2 HP spindle
24" Max diameter, 60" between centers, 3-Jaw and 4-Jaw chucks
8" x 24" electromagnetic chuck
Sandvick Ejector Drilling System, 2" diameter capacity, 30 HP spindle
(6) drill heads, 4 power feed and 2 reversing tapping heads
3' – 9" column, L- Table
MR-712-3, 14 Spindles, MT#1 shank
3/4" tap capacity
Jarvis heads, 21 spindles, 5/8 Automotive shank
Automatic honing machine .090-6.0", portable honing 2.5"-21.0"; The hole gage features .000 05" resolution for bores .375-2.9"
Stainless Steel, Three chamber system, Heated wash, Heated Rinse, Heated Air Blow-off, Belt Width 24", maximum part height 18"
Model Cimatic 200, Three chamber system, Heated wash, Rinse, Heated Air Blow-off, maximum part capacity: 17-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 6"
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